hyboz Homecare Family

The hyboz Homecare Family is ideal for households with several people. Due to the high capacity of 80 liters, it reliably eliminates germs and harmful microorganisms, even on larger objects.

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hyboz Homecare Family - disinfection device for private households

Surface disinfection through the power of ozone

Seldom has a topic been as present in the media as the 2020 corona-crisis, in which more than 22 million people worldwide have become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which can cause the life-threatening lung disease COVID-19, within a few months. But it isn't only the coronavirus which harbors dangers.

Pathogens get into an organism in different ways. In addition to human-to-human transmission, smear infection, in particular after touching contaminated objects, can pose a high health risk.

Scientific studies show that viruses, bacteria and other pathogens can survive on objects and remain infectious for an extremely long time. For example, influenza viruses can survive for up to 2 days, noroviruses for up to 7 days and coronaviruses for up to 9 days on surfaces without damage. Rotaviruses even last up to 8 weeks, while bacteria such as streptococci and salmonella can live on for several months.*

hyboz Homecare Family With the hyboz Homecare Family you now have a convenient solution for the reliable disinfection of contaminated surfaces - in a sustainable way. This is made possible by the sterilizing effect of ozone.

Ozone is a natural gas made up of three oxygen atoms. It is primarily characterized by its ability to form chemical compounds with other molecules. Through this process, harmful substances and pathogens can be neutralized very effectively, such as:

  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Germs and fungal spores
  • Pests, pollen and allergens
  • Ozone not only binds harmful microorganisms, but also scents. Unpleasant odors are therefore also effectively neutralized. In addition, ozone is extremely environmentally friendly and the only disinfectant which has full contact approval for food.

    How the hyboz Homecare Family works

    hyboz Homecare Family The integrated ozone generator generates an ozone mixture directly in the device, which is then fed into the hermetically sealed disinfection chamber. There, the desired objects are disinfected by neutralizing microorganisms and pollutants on the surface. As soon as the process is complete, the ozone is completely destroyed using the patented filter technology.

    Easy to use

    hyboz Homecare Family Practical, flexibly adjustable floor rails ensure that objects in the disinfection chamber have as few points of contact as possible so that ozone can wash around them as well as possible and microorganisms and germs on the surfaces are completely neutralized.

    The touchscreen display enables uncomplicated operation of the device. The entire disinfection process is monitored via the microprocessor-controlled electronics. There are three disinfection programs to choose from:

  • Turbo (30 minutes)
  • Normal (50 minutes)
  • Intensive (105 minutes)
  • The duration of the disinfection depends on the number of objects and the surface area. If you make full use of the interior, the intensive program is recommended.

    You can easily follow the progress of the disinfection process via the LED status light and the illuminated disinfection chamber. The time left in the process is also shown in the display.

    High-quality processing

    The mechanical components of the hyboz disinfection devices mainly consist of rust-free stainless steel. High-performance fans and the latest filter technology guarantee safe ozonization in the hermetically sealed disinfection chamber.

    The high-quality and resistant fine-structure powder coating is characterized by excellent protection against bumps and scratches. Practical leveling feet ensure that your hyboz disinfection device is perfectly aligned even on uneven ground. The stainless-steel functional inserts can be used flexibly.

    During the development, special emphasis was placed on uncomplicated and long-lasting use. For this reason, hyboz disinfection devices only contain wear-free components which do not require maintenance.

    High security standards

    The door unlocking of the hyboz devices takes place electronically after the internal control software has ensured that the ozone has been broken down. Nothing can go wrong even in the event of a power failure.

    Also convincing in laboratory tests

    The Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik (iba) has determined in laboratory tests the surface germ content on furnishings and consumer goods according to DIN 10113-3:1997-07 and confirmed that the number of germs capable of reproduction could be effectively reduced by more than 99.99 percent by ozone treatment with a hyboz device. Further information is available in the german test reports:

  • Test organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Test organism: Escherichia coli
  • Made in Germany

    German quality

    From the technical planning to the implementation of the electronic components to the completion of the hyboz disinfection devices - the entire manufacturing process is certified according to DIN EN 9001:2018. This ensures that each device meets the highest quality standards.

    *Source: BMC BioMed Central, Infectious Deseases

    hyboz Homecare Family - technical Data

    GTIN / EAN 4270001652409
    capacity 80 l
    internal dimension (width x depth x height) 485 x 450 x 390 mm
    external dimension (width x depth x height) 500 x 590 x 420 mm
    power supply 230 V
    power consumption 0,03 kWh - 0,11 kWh
    power cost < 0,05 EUR
    control system electronic
    operation touch screen
    display resolution 320 x 240
    number of disinfection modes 3
    duration of disinfection modes 30 / 55 / 105 minutes
    operating sound volume ca. 60 db
    power breakdown detection yes
    safety door interlock electronic
    filter system lifetime
    illuminated disinfection chamber yes
    casing powder-coated metal
    weight ca. 22 kg
    package dimension (width x depth x height) 595 x 800 x 590 mm
    weight incl. package 23,3 kg
    manufacturer hyboz GmbH
    certification of conformity CE
    warranty 24 months
    hyboz Homecare Family hyboz Homecare Family